Screenshot 18-0

All weapons in the Blocks box.

For Weapons for your mecha, see here.

Weapons are what you use to defend your assembly line. As of the new beta 3.0, there are 12 available weapons in the Weapons tab in the Blocks box.

  • Stone Turrets
    • Turret (a.k.a. Basic Turret)
    • Double Turret
  • Iron Turrets
    • Gattling Turret
    • Splitter Turret
  • Steel Turrets
    • Flamer Turret
    • Railgun Turret
  • Titanium Turrets
    • Laser Turret
    • Flak Turret
  • Dirium Turrets
    • Tesla Turret
    • Plasma Turret
      Screenshot 19

      The Titan Turret; the largest turret in the game, that has just finished shooting one of its massive bullets.

  • Uranium Turrets
    • Chain Turret (takes up a 2x2 area)
    • Titan Turret (takes up a 3x3 area)