Overview Edit

In Mindustry, power systems help you in such ways of more protection and also gives you efficiency in resources: In machines, and transporting items.

In this forum, we can describe power systems in Mindustry includes blocks that can:

  • Create Power - by the use of generator item or liquid-powered system; and
  • Use Power - in such ways

Note: The new version ( 4.0 ) update includes new stuff that may not be described in this page, please pardon it, and try to change it ( if any ) to the right information for the public to see.

Generators Edit

Generators use items in exchange so that it could create power. With a specific generator, you can also exert more than enough energy if you're smart: For example, just use a specific type of generator that its usage can not too much affect your resources that you are gathering.

Here, is the list of generators, information is used for public knowledge and to only serve as it is only for educational purposes.

Note: Wiki is updated for the Mindustry Alpha 4.0 Beta 47 

Combustion Generator Edit

General Edit

  • Health: 40
  • Size: 1x1

Power Edit

  • Power Capacity: 40 power units
  • Max Power Generation: 5.40 power untis/second
  • Fuel Liquid: Oil
  • Liquid Fuel Use: 0.01 Liquid units/second

Liquids Edit

  • Liquid Capacity: 10 Liquid Units

Items Edit