The main background image for Mindustry. You see this in the main menu.

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Mindustry is a tower defense, assembly line, 8-bit chunk of sandbox epicness! Fuel your turrets, and 'pew-pew' the bad guys along with them. The game was developed by Anuken in LibGDX, originally for the GDL Metal Monstrosity Jam in April 2017. It won the jam on the 30th, and has since become Anuken's main project. It has gone through several revisions since then, and the upcoming 4.0 update will add even more features. Mindustry has multiplayer capability by running a dedicated server or by using LAN.

The game is free-and-open-source and the source code can be found here. It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android and download links to it are found here. There is also beta on Google Play Store which can be found here.

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As said in the introduction, Mindustry is a tower defense style game mixed with assembly line management and a top-down shooter, with the graphics themed after a pixelated, retro style look. You play as a mecha or ship (PC and Android) which is in charge of building, looking after, defending the assembly line that you build. Furthermore, stationary weaponry called Turrets are supplied with ammunition from your assembly line, which thus help defend it back. Although I could say more about the game, I'll leave all that to the rest of the Wiki that you can go ahead and read right now!

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