Items are the basic resources in the game, and are what is transported using conveyor belts. There are many items, comprising of Resources and Products(?). All items can be sent to the Origin, some having blocks that require them as ammunition or as an ingredient for a Product(?).

Resources Edit

Resources are what you must collect in the game. They are naturally found in the terrain of the map, and can be collected with Drills.

Stone Edit

Stone is the first resource you collect in the game, being automatically collected by pre-placed Stone Drills when you start a new game.The sprite is 8x8px, and is comprised of a simple two colors: #777777, #8c8c8c (from darkest to lightest)

Stone can be collected using a Stone Drill, an Omnidrill, or can be made using a Stone Former along with Lava. Furthermore, it can be used as ammunition for Basic Turrets and Double Turrets, and is an ingredient for the Coal Extractor. You can purchase these items with Stone.

Iron Edit

Iron is the second resource available in the game. With a sufficient amount of Stone in the Inventory, you can purchase an Iron Drill that can be used to collect Iron. The sprite is 8x8px, and consists of 3 colors: #b2b2b2, #bebebe, #d8d8d8 (from darkest to lightest)

Again, Iron can be collected using an Iron Drill, and additionally an Omnidrill. Furthermore, it can be used as ammunition for Gattling Turrets, Splitter Turrets, and is an ingredient for the Smelter and Lava Smelter. These blocks are purchasable with Iron.