These blocks are meant to improve the mindustry game by either adding extra minerals you must take care of, adding other ways to gather resources, or even giving your player a mech!


Converts Iron to steel using coal as fuel. Tip: make a separate coal and iron mine instead of using iron and coal from existing resource belts. The ratio for the conversion is 5 coal : 12 iron. This would result into 12 pieces of steel. Supply the smelter accordingly to prevent clogging of resources.


Coverts steel and titanium into duruim using coal as fuel. Tip: If no titanium ore is around, use titanium extractors.

Coal Extractor:

Turns 5 stone into 1 coal when also given a water input. Tip: (Make your own)

Titanium Extractor:

Turns 6 iron into 1 titanium when also given a water input. Tip: Put near Crucible.

Oil Refinery:

Turns oil into coal. Tip: Put your defenses as close to oil as manageable because using this block is really good for turrets like the flamer.

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